With the grand opening of our new library, children and parents have access to materials to support growth, development and education. 

​Our library includes resource books for parents and children’s books for all ages. Children also have access to activity backpacks to take home.


At Start Smart Academy we work with our infants to ensure that they are growing and developing at the age appropriate stages.  If there is delay in their development then we get assistance from Early Childhood Intervention.  

At Start Smart Academy we used the OWL (Opening the World of Learning) Curriculum.  This is a great curriculum where it teaches teacher different strategies, hands on activities, and appropriate learning methods to use in the classroom for learning.  The curriculum consists of the four modules.

Module # 1: Rapid Letter Naming & Vocabulary Naming
​Module # 2: Phonological Awareness
Module # 3: Math Screener
​Module # 4: Observables / Early Writing & Social Skills

​We assist the after-schooler child with their home work and tutoring. 
We have at total of thirteen staff members with six of them with over twenty years of experience.  Over 90% of our staff has CDA Credential, BS, and MS Degree.  Everyone has CPR/First Aid.
Children with Special Needs
At Start Smart Academy we take care of children with Special Needs. We received assistance from Collaborative for Children Inclusive Care Program and Early Childhood Intervention.  

At Start Smart Academy, we care for all ages starting at 2 weeks up until 12 yrs. Rates vary by age, time (night or day care), and weekend care.  Come by and visit anytime.



Welcome to our program. The goal of Start Smart Academy is to provide the child with an environment that will promote his or her bi-social, psychosocial and cognitive development.

We believe that we have a responsibility to provide a caring, nurturing, learning environment that will enhance children’s social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development. Children are individuals with unique personalities and our job is to treat them with respect and dignity. We believe that open communication between the parent and the center creates a partnership that works together to instill appropriate values, morals and self-confidence within the child.

An atmosphere of love and caring surrounds our infants. Their sensory development and perception are stimulated by their interactions with the teachers.

Our Toddlers thrive in a program that introduces young children to early language skills, social interaction, cooperation and beginning educational concepts.

Our Three and Four Year Olds are taught beginning reading skills and number concepts through age appropriate activities.

Our School-age tutoring program provides guidance while students do their homework. Students are encouraged to use problem solving skills and their creative abilities to develop arts and crafts, games, cooking activities etc.

The program has written curriculum plans based on knowledge of child development and assessment of individual needs and interests. The learning environment and activities for children reflect the program’s philosophy and goals.

Start Smart Academy is prohibited from discriminating on the basis of race, color, sex, age, handicap, religion, disability, political beliefs or national origin.

The center has an Open Door Policy and parents are welcome at all times WITHOUT PRIOR APPROVAL.



806 Carolyn | LaMarque, TX 77568  |  (409)935-3638

2 Locations: 525 Texas Ave | LaMarque, TX 77568  |  (409)935-0406